09 May 2009


Possibly my favorite group in Chicago held it's first inaugural ride this past weekend, the British Bicycling Club of Chicago, the BBC (if that's not a clever name, I don't know what is). Dressed only in extreme class, about thirty of us mounted our noble steeds in search of history, knowledge, fun, and of course cold beers. Led by a member of Big Shoulders Reality, we rode our way through about 12 miles of Chicago city streets, stopping at various speakeasies, gangster hangouts, and murder sites throughout the city to learn about Chicago's long history of booze and bloodshed. The weather was perfect and the riders outstanding...we turned heads at every stop. Riders of all ages and backgrounds converged together for a common mission...to admire each others bikes and enjoy a day outdoors. I am truly impressed with my companions dedication to everything British and classy. It was a ride to envy and one of those days that reminds me how much random adventures Chicago has to offer.

Here are a few of my pictures, again I need to work on my photography skills, but nevertheless...power to the tweed!

Man on Stilts! Also a bike trick master, hope to see him on the next ride...

Joan leads the pack!

Learning about the history of Twin Anchors

The group listening intently

A couple of classy gentleladies

04 May 2009

Rebuild Together.

I've fallen behind in postings yet again. However, this time it is because I have been so busy doing amazing things that I can now write about. As the weather warms our frozen bones, the people of Chicago begin to emerge and I am reminded again what a truly awesome city I am currently living in. One of my adventures as of late was the nationwide Rebuild Together event on April 25th. This event takes place every spring in cities all around the country. It serves as a national day of rebuilding lower income, elderly, and disabled households and focuses on specific neighborhoods in order to promote community interaction and enhancement. Chicago draws a huge supply of volunteers, I heard rumor that there were over 3,000 of us this year working to repair over 80 houses! As a member of the AIA Chicago team, I am very proud of our accomplishments!

The house we rebuilt was owned by a 75 year old women living with seven adopted grandchildren. Let me tell you, if you ever have a desire to face claustrophobia head on, gather a huge household, 30 architects, and a stray dog together in a small house on a rainy day and rip out all the furniture piece by piece. Although the house was bursting at the seams with eager helpers, we worked quickly and efficiently and were able to replace the entire kitchen, both bathrooms, every carpet, repaint all the rooms, and I wish I could say install new doors, but due to technical glitches...those are probably still waiting patiently in the garage for installation.

It was a really fun, and really tiring day. I had so much fun meeting fellow architects interested in community involvement, and taking part in the excitement of a new home and the great achievements made in a single day. Here are some unartful pictures I was able to snap in between jobs....

So, I need to work on my blogging picture skills....
Regardless, what an incredibly satisfying Saturday...
Check it out. http://www.rebuildingtogether.org/