06 December 2009

I have recently uncovered my dormant passion for photography and discovered that scanning previous work into a digital format allows me to quickly and easily manipulate images digitally. Thus, enhancing and experimenting with what would have taken me hours and hours of dark room time to achieve. Of course, this is no ground-breaking discovery and does not replace the creativity that a true dark room inspires, but provides a way to archive delicate creations and experiment free of constraint.

It also allows me to post my work here and relive the creation of each image. I first created the above image as part of a series pertaining to duality. This was during a time shortly after Hurricane Katrina when a majority of my work centered around a comparison and contrast between my hometown of Chicago, to which I fled, and my adopted hometown of New Orleans. The above photograph symbolizes my struggle to merge the two places in my mind. As my heart and thoughts centered around the impending danger present in New Orleans, I was grateful for the comfort and familiarity I found in Chicago, but anxious and ready to return to New Orleans. Combining images from each place into photographic compositions helped me to understand the pull I felt from the two very different places.